Independence Day 

​It’s a  few days before sixth of March and i’m nervous

Pretty colors of red, yellow, and green scheduled to fly up in the sky

such a pretty light show for Kofi amd Kwame

But I don’t think we meant that red stain on purpose

It’s just a few days  before  we celebrate our independence

Our freedom

I ask again are we free, or are we just dumb enough to go along with this charade

You know FREEDOM is more than a song off Beyonce’s Lemonade

Hold up 

It’s only a few days  beforethat lovely day in March

But I saw on Facebook a young girl committed suicide 

her grades were bad , and the rumours continue

while her wealthy parents sit at home

She never got the chance to say goodbye

Goddamn, It’s almost sixth March
They said, they said Ghana the land of the free and the land of opportunity

but why our little boys and girls don’t get the opportunity to become explore their talents, and our little girls are still being defiled, kids are still be trafficked and put under strenous work ? The rate of unemployment still keeps shooting high

Or is this institutionalized genocide

I thought Ghana was a nation I could believe in, but God, I think the systems ate  killin us on purpose, our leaders are hurting us for their own selfish benefits,

But now

Its a few days to  March 6th

The sun is coming up

And i’m tired, i’ve been reading too many hashtags
And we tired, we’ve been reading too many hashtags and opinions and justifications and social media activists and the media updates and conspiracy theorists and…

I mean 

Are YOU tired?

Cause my heart is heavy and for the first time in my … short years

I feel more yesterdays than tomorrows in my future and I matter. And I’m ready. I’m ready for my Independence day.
Blurryface pens… 


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