Him & Her

​Chapter 5:

Him: Chariann finally brings food. Isn’t everyone just… hungry? I stare straight at Him. We fortunately sit opposite each other at the dining table. Chariann by my side and Violet by his. I see the way he straws at her and treats her like his property. It sickens me. A princess is what she is. Why doesn’t he see that. I bet he feels he’s the best she can ever have. Dumb. Trying not to strangle the already dead chicken on the plate I grab a fork, and a knife. That’s when Chariann proposes a toast to love. To love.

Her: I hear the sarcasm in his voice, and I just want to run away from this whole table thing. Excuse me, can I use the wash room. I need to run away. I need to think. She asked Shay to show me to the wash room.

Him: Immediately Chariann said I show her to the washroom Mr. Classy gave me a don’t try anything funny look. Awww inspiration. I put one arm on her back and motioned in the direction of the washroom with the other. Then I whispered in her ear. One more kiss.

Her: I swear my legs almost failed me but it didn’t, damn I’m freaking strong. I want my lips to touch his again but that won’t give me time to think. So we got to the washroom and I’m hoping he doesn’t kiss me because I want to think. And more so because I can’t resist. Shay please don’t…

Him: Sarcasm?? That’s sarcasm right? You sure you don’t want me to? I wouldn’t if that’s what you really want. Oh sorceress.

Her: It’s getting dangerous and I don’t like it. I really want to leave can I make an excuse, see you somewhere else. I can’t stand being around him when I see you right in front of me. There is so much I want to say and do. This was a bad idea. And I’m sorry he just came around he is overprotective. I’m scared. I’m just so jealous of how well you play this role. I can’t play this role. You two seem to be in love and I just want to go back living my life. I put my hand on my face. I was stupid to think this was going to be a whole new life for me. How hopes can be shattered. After today don’t look for me. Don’t think of me. I doubt you would. But I’d not forget that I found hope with you. I need to go away. He looked at me, like he is waiting for me to pour it all out. The way he was close and his mouth almost apart I could tell he wanted to say something or probably kiss me.

Him: Okay. 

Her: That’s all he could say? I guess I never thought it would hurt this bad. He says okay but he is holding me and he is so close. Okay? Say something more. Please do.

Him: I’ll tell Chariann you have a personal emergency.  I tried not to say more. What will I be promising her if I can’t even be there for her as much as I would have wanted to. She’s not mine after all. Its pointless wishing. So I’ll let her go. I guess I was stupid too to feel this way. So I left her standing there and whispered to Chariann the message I had for her. She didn’t take it to mean anything as I tried to keep up my expression. I’m the good liar after all. The one who doesn’t seem to be affected by any of this,. The one who plays the role so well. Regardless of what I was beginning to feel. I must let go. So I sat and poured myself some more wine waiting for her to return to the table.

Her: Why am I crying? I clean my eyes and let out a breath and walked out. I’m sorry I took so long. I have to go. Thanks for the dinner. I manage to smile at Chariann. Let’s go Chris. He gets up and we both walk towards the door. Shay walks behind us. Chris smiles at Shay and asked him to come over for dinner too, before Shay could speak Chariann agreed smiling widely. I look at Shay.  See you then cousin. I don’t know but that hope came back again.

Him: Bye.


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