Dreams For Diet 

Lit across my heart are dreams

Dreams that I have clutched to a decade

Turned me into a walking fantasy

I fear I may never hit reality

Mirages line my lids

Outstretched arms, I zombie through

Through this once upon a times I was born

Dipping my teeth deep into thick flesh of wishes but I’m still numb

I bath optimizm yet

Veiled in pessimism I carry my gory state to my tomorrows

Ashing to ashes my dreams

And dust to dust my believes

My night cease not to lift a gaze to the moon 

Hoping desperately it’s beauty will reflect joyland across my soul

Sprinkle pixie dust to lift me out of my weary

Clutch to my chest are yet 

my dreams still

Hardened desert heart will never steal

Not from me

Not from my forever

For I’ll always sleep;thus

Will my dreams be 

 they will never cease.

My dreams are my diet

So I take them every night.



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