Love Me 

Selfish doesn’t even come close

How is it that I poured it my all and can’t get same in return?

I, hold my heart and I said I love you

Love me

Love me not for my beauty cos it will break my heart if your love fades with it

My heart’s already broken cos you’ve not loved me…

All you see is the smiles I give

What about the ones I want to keep?

What about the silent tears my pillow comfort?

I have craved for so long all I have left are my cravings

So deep have they gone,I have been rendered paralyzed to love even to look

All I do is stare

I’ll plung my whole heart into a resemblance of it

Love me..the cliché that not for who I am and not,that…that glitters is not gold

My heart is cold

I wish I could ride the fantasy

my heart so longs the strive but the shambles is all it can think of

My heart beholds the dream and yet all it can feel is palpable fear

Fear of being broken

But if you love.. Kiss my doubts away and I won’t nag

Raise me high like a trophy and I’ll look down bestow a smile that rubs even my eyes

I’m lost always… Shred apart from the ones I love

But love me into reality

oblivion has engulfed beyond rescuing….but love me!



One comment

  1. ayewrite · February 26, 2017

    Gosh you crafted those lines so beautifully


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