Him & Her

Chapter 4 :img-thing


 Again I will meet her and lose all my composure. She’s just one of those factors that aren’t factored in I guess. One of those disaster you never prepare for. You break and mend and still can’t fix. She makes me comfortable with my broken state. That state that nobody else seems to understand. Damn sorceress. Always messing with my head. I was walking to meet her again. Who knows what she brings with her. I know it’ll make me smile but I hope dinner isn’t ruined. She’s one to reveal surprises.

Her: Why am I wearing a purple dress? I can’t wait to see him. I don’t think I look half pretty as Chariann, I recall her name. I see him coming from afar. Even with the distance I could see his face well. Maybe it’s just that I have the face imprinted in my memory. I take a deep breath as I see his board smile, beautiful set of teeth.

Him: My steps are suddenly all calculated. The order something I am all so aware of. Focus shifting and mind drifting. The power of Sorceress, angel in purple. I spot the purple figure in the distance and wonder how I would ever get rid of her. A siren in my head. A thought unforgettable. My world is spinning subtly. So I try to grab hold and take control of it with words when I finally reach her. Standing  just inches from her my nose almost touching hers and her eyes digging into my soul. I finally speak. Hello.

Her: Hello,  I smile. Is this a good idea?

Him: I really don’t care. Your presence is worth the risk and danger. If you’re taking them with me that is. Are you?

Her:  I nod. Am I going to this? He is another woman’s man. But heaven knows my answer. A wise man once said “the heart wants what the heart wants”, I don’t even know the wise man. All I know is that there is something about Shay that makes me keep coming back, and I might never be able to stay away.  Yes I’m going in with you.

Him: I fight to resist the urge to hold her there and then. But I am not too strong so I go for her hands and motion for her to give them to me and follow me.

Her: Shay, …you look good. How did you meet her? I don’t know if it’s the right question but it just slipped out not that I planned to ask.

Him: School. We met at school. It was alive, but how would she feel knowing the truth. She wouldn’t even believe in me anymore. I don’t want that.

Her: School, love, and study. What attracted you to her?. Wrong questions.

Him: She was attracted to me.

Her: You must have been like this all of your life.

Him: No. But long enough.

Her: I really don’t know what to say I’m getting a little nervous. But for some reason, I trust Mr Strange. I look up at him and he is looking down at me. Why are you staring like that?

Him: Is there anything prettier to stare at?. Forgive me but you inspire a lot of danger in me.

Her: I blush, maybe not. And you are dangerous indeed.

Him: Yes


We were right in front of his door. He looked at me as if to ask me if I’m ready for this. It was now that I noticed how scared to death I was. I don’t know if I’m ready for this but with Shay I seem to be ready for anything and everything. I breathe very deep, very heavy, what is this that I’m doing? I don’t know but I don’t want to back out it’s like, it’s my air. Like I almost need it. He is smiling, I see the euphoria in his smile. He looks at me and notices that I’m scared. He smiles and gives me a long assuring kiss on my forehead before he presses the bell  and opens the door.

Him: Chariann. Sweetie. I hate playing this part every time. The perfect boyfriend. But it was something I was already getting used to. Something I had begun to become no matter how uncomfortable it made me feel in my own skin. She smiled and welcomed Violet and kissed me on lips. I felt guilty kissing her in front of Violet but it was pretty damn hard to notice. I motioned for Violet to enter before me then followed. I braced my self. This should be fun.

Her: Chariann, she’s looking so good. I don’t know why Shay wants me. She says hi and then offers me a seat in their mini hall, their, I hate the sound of that in my head so I shake off the spark of jealousy trying to show it’s head. She asks Shay to sit with me and that she isn’t done in the kitchen. Thanks, nice place though. I sat on one of the sofas facing the television in the hall. And Shay is sitting beside me.

Him: I hope you’re hungry. You’re going to love what Chariann is cooking. I could feel her face boil at the obvious tease. Relax. Should I get you something??. Juice, water…wine?? I said with a subtle smirk plastered on my face. I intentionally reach across her breasts to the table beside her chair and she nearly screams with surprise. I pull back my hand holding the remote and stand up to get her what she wants still waiting for a reply. I chuckle a bit though. Couldn’t help my self.

Her: I’m sure my face is having a lot of expressions right now. But I manage to keep smiling. Water. And don’t try anything funny Mr. Strange; we are in your place. I raised my eyebrows. He smiles and leaves placing the remote down back the same way he took it, I look at his face and he smirked, this man is dangerous.

Him: Actually her place. Does that mean I can try something funny? Never mind. It’s best we leave that to fate Sorceress. And I think we’re out of water, and juice. I add the all so popular evil grin which is a bit silly of me, but heck, what’s that to her, she seems to see me in the same light as I see her. I eye the remote almost as if to say we have more future work to do. She stifles a giggle as she picks it up and places it on her lap. Oh it’s on Sorceress. I enter the kitchen to see HER busy at work. Mmm, smells yummy. Where’s the wine?. She points to the fridge and chuckles almost as if to say “did you really just ask that?” I grab three glasses and pour one for her and take the remaining to the hall. Hurry sweetie. I enter the hall to find the last thing I expect. Uhm sweetie I think you should cook for me more!! I yell back into the kitchen. Violet turns to me with an oh no face. The guy at the door seemed to have followed her here I guess. And that must be Him. Okay I’m confused. The classy looking guy probably drove a Lamborghini here. Hello. I’m the cousin. I said setting the glasses and the bottle down and racing for the door. Oh Sorceress. This just became really interesting I thought as I turned and smirked at her. 

Her: F*** , he just doesn’t listen. Like a shadow he is everywhere I go. He looks at me and smiles and I had to smile too. I was excited that today I wasn’t going to play the girlfriend who is so much in love with her boyfriend. He is so impolite how could he just come in here uninvited but that’s what he does. Too full of himself he feels like he owns me. What the heck, I’m freaking nervous right now. But I give myself a prep talk. It’s okay just play your part. I look at Shay apologetically. He looks at me and smile. Shay shows him to the seat I was in and he sat by me. He smiled at me and I smiled at him too. Shay seems not to like it when Chris puts his hand around my neck and draws me closer to HIM. I wish I could just get lost, I want to be alone with Shay. I breath in and look at Shay who seems to be getting mad, I wish I could hold him and tell him that I only want him. You made it. I thought you won’t come at all. He just smiled and nodded.

Him: We need more wine.



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