Him & Her 

Chapter 3: 

Him: she always looks pretty . Perfect in everything she is. Always so perfect. How do I deserve her. Safe and loving and always there. Somehow that always made me feel distant. I’m not all that. I’m reckless and wild within I guess. Just so much pouring inside that needs to come out and she wouldn’t understand what unrest is within me and how I don’t feel I deserve her. Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. But Violet… she’s an escape from all that. Holy**** VIOLET . Uhm Chariann. Give me a second.


Her: I see him coming and I want to hide. He’s like fresh breath but what’s going on I can’t breath. He is looking straight at me so I hurry to pick a bottle of milk and talk to the older lady standing there but he is still coming towards me. Does this taste good, have never taken them before.
Him: They taste like you. Your lips I mean… sorry uhm I’m here with my girlfriend and you are my cousin. This should be fun right?. Come along now. I grab her by the arm and realize she isn’t resisting much. You’re addictive sorceress. I told myself if I ever see you again then what I was afraid off was true. This is a magically destined union of souls. Now come say hi to your rival.

Her: My rival, the sound of that freaks me out but I know this means I’m going to have to see him often and heaven knows my hearts greatest desire is that alone. His hands when they hold me, I can hardly resist whatever happens next. I’m a cousin, remember. Hi. I can hardly breath, I wait for him to do the introduction.

Him: Chari.. Violet. A pretty girl never rustled Chariann. She was beautiful and confident and well violet wasn’t really competition material to Chariann I guess. So she smiled and took her hand in a short polite handshake. Violet a little nervous but she could pass for a beautiful goofy cousin. With her awkward attempt to keep her cool. Oh Sorceress, why these complications. I wish we met on the titanic. Would have been a better love story to tell. I would be the one to survive and tell it though of course.

Her: My hands were shaky but I managed a smile. OMG she’s an angel her smile got me feeling scared. I have a freaking hot rival and I couldn’t resist to do this. Oh Shay why me, she’s your perfect match. Nice meeting you. I pray she doesn’t ask questions I don’t know the right thing to say because trust me I’m not a good lair. I look at his face and there is a witty smile and an excitement in his eyes, he is enjoying this. He puts his hand around my shoulder and asked me how aunt was and now this is me being a pretty lair. Not that I’m pretty though. She’s good.

Him: This is definitely a bad idea, but when have I ever had good ones. I do care about Chariann but violet is just something else I guess. Honey I invited Violet to come over for dinner. You okay with that?  Of course she is. Chariann always wants to meet my family considering that I am not too close to most of them. So she agrees that Violet comes over for dinner.  So this evening V. Would be waiting.

Her:  He didn’t just do that, what in heavens name was he thinking. I had to see Chris today but it seems like I’d have to make an excuse. Spending extra time with Shay could make me do anything. Sure, wait time is it going to be. So I could be ready. Turning to Shay.  Since you hardly do family would you please give your address.  And I smiled

Him: No need, I’ll call and meet you up when it’s time. We’re done here right sweetie? Chari smiled and nodded and I hugged Violet to leave. Like freezing time. I felt it exponentially. So much crossing my mind in such a short time frame. Oh sorceress. I couldn’t resist the urge so I planted one short kiss on her cheek. Take care Violet. 

Her:  I almost froze. His lips so cold on my cheek. I couldn’t help but smile. I better leave before I hold him and kiss him. Alright will see you then, nice meeting you…  I forgot her name so I looked at Shay for help.

Him: Chariann.



  1. Maame frema · February 13, 2017

    It just keeps getting hotter in here…wheew!!


  2. Maame frema · February 13, 2017

    It just keeps getting hotter in here… wheew!!


  3. Anonymous · February 13, 2017

    I think it’ll be better of you put the speeches in quotation marks so that reading would be easier. And there can be a clear difference between the narration and the spoken words.
    It’s a good and relatable peice anyways. Nice work.


  4. Ama Odei-Tettey · February 13, 2017

    It’s awesome! Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Undefined · February 16, 2017

    I did read.and i do like it

    Liked by 1 person

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