My Demons

I let the water down my face 

I stare the blank at everything

My hands clutch to the walls as I pull against the chains

Rusted but they are all that have kept me from breaking loose

Plunged into my mind is the torture

Torment of what is right and wrong

Make for the right and wrong pulls a semblance to the right

They are all right 

what seems to be the matter?

The still small voice

I tilt my head back as the desire to destroy sips through my very vains

My demons

They claw at my very soul

A scoop of gasp for air is all I can utter..

I breathe it constantly for that was all I could offer

Silent screams I render

Shakened frame, my soul falls empty to the dust

Beating up thick reflection of my desert

I’m running… But looks like I’m not running..

My soul a sand papered nature

My heart tiny droplets of sores

So i let the life pass me by 

After all I have the life

They plung the covers of my lid

Flying them instantly open into the dark

I see my demons…. always making a return…




  1. ewurabhynah · February 10, 2017

    Good 1


  2. Anonymous · February 11, 2017


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  3. Anonymous · February 12, 2017


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