Him & Her

​Chapter two


I could hardly hear the preacher even though I sat on the second row. I don’t know if it was because my brother sitting beside me kept looking on his phone and laughing at heaven knows what; or it’s the purple heel I wore that was too tight. Oh purple, maybe it was because the color reminded me of the kiss two days ago. I have never stopped dreaming about it. I heard the church scream hallelujah and that was when I realised I was so caught up in my day dream. The congregation stood up and the preacher man said a prayer, what’s that I smell, how could I forget it; it clouded my mind this past days. I turn my head and I see those beautiful pair of diamonds of what seems to be eyes.

Him: Would what’s up be an appropriate greeting? Hard to decide since you well, ran out on me!!!. Nice heels by the way

Her: (I blush but I keep my calm). Shhhhh, we are in church.

Him: I’ve noticed. I guess it was the pastor and hallelujah that gave it away. Question, do you always run away like that? Or just thought it would be fun on me?

Her: the preacher would end soon but I don’t want him to because I’m not ready to face Shay, oh no, , Shayden ,no short names. Or I just want to kiss him again and make sure the last time was real. Would you keep quite? I’m here with my family and you should keep quite, really. I need to listen.

Him: Your brother seems to be really listening…..wouldn’t want to distract him yeah. I wonder if the preacher is broadcasting live on his phone too.

Her: (I turn to face him fully when I heard the preacher man say Amen. Forgetting my family is right beside me). Can we do this after benediction. Outside the church.?

Him: Out where there is so much space for running away again? Sorry, I  kissed an angel and I came to church for her. That Angel’s always in purple.

Her: Please after benediction. Oh and you called me sorceress the last time. So I’m no angel.

Him: Good memory, maybe you can find the part you ran away and tell me why you did? Violet. (And I hold her hands.)

Her: (I could feel those hands, thankfully the service was over.) I will just tell my family that I’d come home on my own and get to you, just wait here. (I wanted to spend eternity with him.)

Him: (I didn’t want to spend a second without her.) These thoughts, where from? Oh sorceress. You angel in purple. I’ve got my eyes on you though. No funny business sweet lips.

Her: He stood waiting, I’m glad my mom allowed me any time. Hey I’m back Mr. Strange.

Him: I thought your memory was good. Well I don’t have a car so I brought a bicycle. You’ll ride with me right? Well you don’t have much of a choice. You either ride with me or I kiss you here in front of all these people. Although I doubt you lose much either way.

Her: I want his lips again but not here. Errrmmm, I’d prefer we walk unless you want to show me how skilled you are on the bicycle. Oh and don’t bother to send me to a strange place, I don’t intend running away today.

Him: Well the last time we walked things didn’t end well, forgive me but I have bicycle skills to show off, first of which is called getting on the bike. Now please get on the bike. We have somewhere strange to go.

Her: Why do I trust him so much. He could be a kidnapper, an assassin or a terrorist. Okay Violet stop thinking crazy and get on the bike.  Okay you win. I sat down and wrap my hands around his waist.

Him: You seem to trust Mr. Strange, an awful lot you know? Maybe you could give me your account number while you are at it.

Her: Just shut up and show me what skills you have on the bicycle. I pray I don’t die. I roll my eyes.

Him: You won’t. I haven’t kissed you enough yet, Then I rode off. The horizon drew closer and her arms around my waist made me blind to reality. Sorceress, you Angel in purple.

Her: I know we are going to kiss again, wherever he is taking me to, we’d kiss a lot there and I can’t wait. I’m sure you’d keep me alive.

Him: I will

Her: The rest of the ride was quiet like we were reading into each our silence. Where are we? I said while giving him my hands to get off the bicycle.

Him: I have no idea. I’ve never seen this part of town before. I only heard there’s a river somewhere. Let’s find it, shall we.

Her:  I only nodded and he held my hands. It’s like our hands were made for each other. It didn’t take much effort to find the river and once we had spotted it he dragged me. We sat at the bank of the river. So you brought me here to….?

Him: In my head this was supposed to be a bad idea from the start but as I removed the two purple lollipops she smiled. Good sign I guess. Grapes, Everyone likes grapes. Then I put my arms around her shoulders and hoped the river didn’t look as disgusting to her as it did to me. I thought it would be a bit nice and sort of romantic.

Her: I couldn’t help but laugh, I opened my lollipop and licked it looking straight into his eyes. I hope I’m doing a good job at seducing him.  So you planned it? You knew you’d see me in church or it’s coincidental? This river is not cool at all let’s walk and sit under the tree over there it’s shady.

Him: I kinda tracked you down. Don’t ask how…figured you can’t be crazy enough to run from church. And as for the river, well it’s not meant to be beautiful…its meant to be memorable. Can I kiss you?

Her: Did he have to ask? Do you have to ask? You’re such a gentleman.

Him: Not really. I’m recording this just in case you start to shout out, rape. I pulled out my phone which was recording and unleashing the even mastermind grin.

Her: He makes me laugh. Forget the phone. I pulled it from him. I will kiss you…if you tell me why you looked for me.  I want to kiss him but I don’t want to sound like I desperately want it. But I do.

Him: Beauty is to be admired and complexity is to understood. You’re beautiful and complex and I am not done admiring or understanding you.

Her: I see, well I’m not a beauty to behold nor I’m I complex enough to be understood

Him: You talk too much. I pulled her close and kissed her. Forgetting reality for a while, drowning in Violet. Oh sorceress, angel in purple

Her: I almost moaned on his lips, his lips on mine is magic. How does he do this. Mr. Strange.

Him: So what are we sorceress. This thing that we are it’s…



  1. Yolanda · February 10, 2017

    at a point i feel i am the lady in the story.A good way to keep your readers interested.nice….


  2. ewurabhynah · February 10, 2017

    Great attempt


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