Him & Her


My phone rang, breaking off the kiss was the hardest thing I could do; but then my phone rang again for the third time. Breaking the kiss, I picked my phone, both of us were laughing at how we ignored it when suddenly my expression changed; it was HIM. Being here with Shay makes me forget about him. I raise my head to look at Shay. He seemed to understand my look because he stopped laughing to. My phone rang again.

Her: It’s my …

Him: Maybe you should answer. I cut her off. I don’t know why but somehow the rude awakening hurt more than I figured it would, after all…

Her: Nodding my head I picked the call. Hello… I’m at a friends… No not now I can’t… I’m not coming today. I’d be busy. Love you too. I hanged up and looked to see the expression on Shay’s face. I wanted to hug him and tell him something, but what at all can I say?

Him: I have to go.

Her: Suddenly I felt sharp pain in my chest, go where, stupid violet you’re not his whole life, he doesn’t even know you. Wait… I’m sorry. I didn’t… look I feel like you and I have lived a life before this, I don’t…

Him: I’m not what you think yeah. This isn’t some magically destined union of souls. I’m just a guy and you’re just a girl. I have a girlfriend so don’t feel bad. I should get back to her now. This was a bad idea. 

Her: My eyes were filled with tears. He has a girlfriend. Stupid of me to think this would be a fairy tale. I see. Stammering. You should go back to her. I’m just a girl. I’ll go back to my normal life.

Him: Against every ounce of my being that was screaming for me to hold and kiss her. I had to leave. She wouldn’t understand any of it even if I explained. It’s complicated but she thinking of me as a monster is more simple I guess. Goodbye sorceress. I left.

Her: He just left. No hugs, no kisses, no words. He wouldn’t even let me explain. You’re no ordinary guy to be making me feel this way. Bye.



  1. Afeafa · February 8, 2017

    Lovely piece,i appreciate the fact that each move or action is described in a way that creates a picture,it’s not too complex but concise explaining expressions in a way that readers of any level can relate

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anonymous · February 10, 2017

    Mmmmm. Saucy and complicated.


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