Him & Her


Chapter one



The music was loud and I couldn’t help but jump up and down with my craziness. It’s my first but if I have to forget it then I have to keep dancing more so because I can’t drink to forget it. The sweaty skin of everyone just keeps touching mine; usually I prefer sitting outside the crowd and breathing  in fresh air but then today I needed the freaking heat. It was hard to feel a thing, everything felt the same but then I feel hands around my waist so I turn around.


Him: Hello gorgeous, you have something in your hair.

Her: I couldn’t hear him, not because the music was too loud but because his looks were loud. I can’t hear you. Making signs so he could understand. Before I could think he holds my hands and dragged me out of all the noise and heat. For a long time, in his hands I felt protection.

Him: To be honest I saw you jumping up and down like you were having a seizure and I wanted to save you more embarrassment. You’re way too pretty to be looking maniac. Maybe a drink would be less ridiculous.

Her: Rolling my eyes. Thanks for trying to be Jesus but dude I’m already saved. I honestly don’t know why I’m being rude.

Him: Usually I have something witty to say but I have a strange feeling I’ll just end up being the dumb one after you talk.

Her: You came here to get laid. Boy I’m not the girl, go back in there and pick one. I said that as I brushed his shirt. I could feel that beneath the shirt he wore were well curved chest. My fingers didn’t want to stop.

Him: Maybe this was a bad idea?  Gone are the days when boy meets girl and boy is considered a genuinely nice guy I guess. If I wanted to get laid I’d have stayed home and called my landlord’s daughter. I’m not implying anything by that though. Realizing my stupidity I figured I’d just stop talking. You know what forget it yeah. I saw this coming.

Her: Now I’m feeling bad I didn’t want it to turn out this way. So what’s the name? I’m not doing this I’m I?

Him: I just made a fool of myself I was going to make this easy, was I? Shayden. Shayden Gami. Apparently I was.

Her:Violet Brown, then he gave me the look everyone does when I mention my name. Yea two colours that don’t match. I stretched my hands for a hand shake.

Him: Soft hands…oh they don’t make them like these anymore. I think of something to say to lengthen the hand holding. I like violet. Close to purple; I like purple. Great now I sound like a girl.

Her: I can’t help but blush, isn’t it silly of me, again those hands. I laugh. I like black. Let’s take a walk. I didn’t just ask don’t forget, the boys do the asking.

Him: So do you always take a walk with all the guys who attempt to save you or only the ones who fail?

Her: I laugh. Only the ones who talk like a little princess. I think it’s cute.

Him: How does nobody see that purple is a very possibly masculine colour. Barbie has ruined any chances of that happening, I guess.

Her: He makes me laugh. Well try fading purple you will see pink.

Him: And pink has killed how many guys exactly?

Her: Well it made them look gay and there isn’t anyway on earth I’m going to talk to them. Let’s try this, what’s the colour of your boxers. f*** I didn’t ask that.

Him: Well thank goodness today wasn’t pink Friday. This would have been a bit above embarrassing. Black and aquamarine. You?? Well it was only fair I’d ask

Her: I blush a little. I should have seen this coming. Funny enough it’s a purple. And don’t even ask to see it. But the point is you won’t were pink cause you not gay right? It was only a random question but a part of me wanted to know.

Him: Would it be inappropriate to say I admire you already for the basic reason being the colour of your underwear. Unfortunately I’m gay… I’m walking with a girl in purple undies do I need more reason to feel gay. Yeah I just had to add the smirk. If you were asking you have a shot though.

Her: What I hate is a man full of himself. But I don’t want a shot with you. Don’t over think my questions. If my inner goddess could be heard I’m sure he’d be kissing me by now, see his lip.

Him: Full of myself, am I? Usually I just get slapped in the face but I guess there is improvement. Forgive my cockiness but what  fun is a humble man?

Her: What’s fun, well he gets the girls dreaming about him  and you get the girls hating you. Even so there’s something about your cockiness I enjoy. His eyes I could get lost in them . I lick and bit my lips. Where is the part that he kisses me.

Him: The small-minded ones hate me. A lot of those nowadays. But you are not small minded at all are you? In fact if this was a romance book we would be kissing right about now.

Her: He is thinking about it too.  Let’s just make it a romance novel. I’m pushing this too far. … where there was no romance. I just had to make sure I didn’t sound easy. But I want those lips.

Him: Don’t tempt me girl. I fail to envision a scenario where I resist you if you do tempt me.

Her: I stopped walking and stood face to face with him, my lips almost on his. I dare you Mr.

Him: How would my soul have survived if I had let those lips live without mine any longer than they had already. So yeah, I kissed her. A complete stranger and suddenly I felt like our lips remembered an old life for us. A life where she was all that existed for me. How long did it last? Forgive me for I was kinda busy to take notice of time.

Her: He’s too bold. Maybe I’m too daring, but I can’t stop. It’s like he is writing poetry on my lips. My spine, I’m not feeling my legs. Am I paralyzed? These are the moments that must be caught on camera. I felt I was touched by an angel and his tongue, they taste like cream.

Him: Finally lips parted and colours around her seemed more vibrant if you asked me. I realized I had my eyes closed the whole time. Sorceress. That’s what you are. A beautiful smart sorceress with purple undies. Forgive me but I would have said something smarter if you hadn’t kissed me. My brain needs to recuperate. Dumb. So so dumb.

Her: I want to respond, to be witty, but it’s not working. My lips are too swollen to open. Damn, I can’t feel my face. I need to get out of here now. Bye. I turn and ran off. Thank Petes I’m not in a heel.







  1. Nii · February 9, 2017

    I love the creativity… damn! this story got me wanting more

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  2. Nii · February 9, 2017

    damn! this story got me wanting more

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  3. ruth · February 9, 2017


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  4. Awo Yaa · February 9, 2017

    Wow dats amazing

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  5. Unknown · February 9, 2017

    Big ups

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  6. Wonderdermwin · February 9, 2017

    Exquisite! Intriguing & Spectacular!!!

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  7. Anonymous · February 9, 2017

    nice piece


  8. Steve · February 9, 2017

    nice piece

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  9. rhita · February 10, 2017

    Wow.. very interesting
    You guys are doing a great job.
    Keep it up
    And yes I can’t wait to read the chapters ahead.

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  10. Yolanda · February 10, 2017


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  11. suebatu · February 10, 2017

    Very nyc n interesting

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