Skull In Roses



A deep hurt I felt

Gripping and scratching and ripping at my heart

I sought for calm and peace of mind

But this gnawing in my heart never ceased

Why did this have to happen?

My half, my heart, my shadow

Leaving me alone in this dark, dark world

Lost to the thoughts of tomorrow

All my actions abysmal and unconscious

Alone with no source of comfort

No one, not even one

Knows the river that soaks my bed

Every other night

Flooding my head with pain

Like a deadbeat, an alcoholic hangover

Then one night, unlike the other nights

Begged to differ

I went to bed, awaiting the tears that never seemed to end

This night, they did not

I waited,

And waited


And waited

I instead felt a calm

So strong my lips curved upwards

Was I dreaming? No

Had you come back? No

What then was the reason for this?

I was surely going mad, I decided



I heard the voice as clear as water

I needed to get out of my wallowing

There is more to life after death

A good place my half is now

A place of no sorrow and hunger and abuse

Free from the worries of life

Free from the uncertainties of tomorrow

Free from it all

This seemed like a fair deal

The calm I had so long awaited

Was being given on a silver platter

By a supreme being I  knew not

Yet yearned to know


His love could not be mistaken

And the peace of mind he offered

Had no sorrow attached to it

I would prefer this

To the emptiness of this dark, dark world

No more tears

No more thoughts of tomorrow

No sadness or sorrow

Just me and this being

I have come to know as JESUS CHRIST

Because when all I had was thought lost

He came and restored

Some would call this new opportunity

A bed of roses

But I, who have experienced

The pain of death and loss

The feeling of loneliness

Would proudly call this transformation

This transition

My very own

Skull in roses

 Mhizz Ama scribbles… 



  1. Pezzy · February 16, 2017

    Deep words kidsy… Powerful

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anonymous · February 20, 2017

    thanks brother

    Liked by 1 person

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